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Substance Misuse

At Pharmacy 24, we can help if you use drugs that are not prescribed for you.

We offer a range of services to help if you use drugs that are not prescribed for you. If you want to find out which services are found at our pharmacy, give us a call or ask to speak to the pharmacist in the consultation room.

All of our services are confidential.

Needle exchange service

People who inject drugs can cause themselves harm from the injecting process. You’re less likely to cause harm if you using the right equipment and disposing of it safely after each use.

Pharmacies who offer a needle exchange service can give you free injecting equipment, to make sure that if you are injecting, you’re doing so safely. Depending on the area in which you live, you could get different sizes of syringes and needles, citric acid and filters. Equipment may come in a ready-made pack, or sometimes you can ask for exactly what you need. You will be expected to return used needles back to the pharmacy in the container provided to you.

The pharmacist will also be able to talk to you about how you can reduce the risk of harm when injecting.

This service reduces the risk of you catching infections, such as HIV and Hepatitis B & C, provides you with information on how to inject more safely, and keeps the community safe by encouraging you to return used needles.

Dispensing and supervised consumption service

People who are on a treatment programme may be prescribed medicine. This will allow you to stabilise and then follow your treatment plan to gradually reduce your use over time.

Our supervised consumption service helps you to maintain regular dosing by taking the medicine in the pharmacy. Our staff will dispense your prescription, and keep the prescription and medicines safely for you, then check that you’ve taken all the medicines each day. They will help you to make sure that you are taking the right dose, stop you from taking the medicine if we think it is unsafe for you to do so, and let your keyworker know if we’re concerned about your welfare.